SolarCity Case Study

SolarCity: A National Clean Energy Leader


In 2007, when ZDS Communications first contracted with SolarCity, solar power was as new and noteworthy as Al Gore’s Academy Award-winning film, “An Inconvenient Truth.” Media jumped to tell the story of early adopters going green by putting photovoltaic panels on their rooftops. Today, the well-documented topic doesn’t have the same pull, particularly with environmentalism seemingly taking a back seat to jobs and the economic recovery.


We solved the challenge with perseverance, close media contacts and creativity, constantly seeking out reporters and editors who had not told the “solar story” yet and finding new wrinkles–such as SolarCity’s breathtaking hiring rate–deeply relevant to fresh newsworthy trends.


Media placements in the Associated Press, the Weather Channel, and local outlets such as the Los Angeles Times and Fresno Bee among others. When SolarCity completed its successful IPO, a senior executive told Dubin Scott she could claim some of the credit for getting the company there. Earlier media hits include Time MagazineForbes and National Public Radio.