5 Gyres Ocean Awareness educating about plastic trash

Plastic Ocean Trash: 5 Gyres Leading Awareness

When 5 Gyres Institute, a young organization with a small staff, set sail across the Pacific to document the environmental wreckage from debris thrust to sea by Japan’s 2011 devastating tsunami, it faced intense competition. The world was watching this tragedy and its aftermath and research organizations large and small, scientists and others were headed out to sea to report what they’d found. Who would become the experts of record for this global event?

ZDS Communications sought out the most prominent media covering the issue and made certain they knew about 5 Gyres’ voyage and its previous world-class achievements.

5 Gyres’ founder was quoted by the Associated Press, irrefutably positioning him as a leading global expert on the issue. ZDS Communications obtained the same sort of coverage in the Huffington Post and on FOX Network News, among many other leading outlets. This trend continued with 5 Gyres’ publication of the first global estimate of all sizes of floating plastic in every ocean on earth. Coverage included the New York Times, Time Magazine, and the Associated Press, once again.