SolarCity — Veterans Provide Invaluable Service for SolarCity

Solar_City_2_Install_1_Day_MG_1318You could call Otis Collier a veteran veteran recruiter. For the past decade, the former petty officer, first class, U.S. Navy, has worked as a recruiter helping fellow vets find jobs in corporate America. But he’s encountering fresh new opportunities here at SolarCity, where he works as a military veterans recruiting programs manager to enlarge our ranks.

For the first time in his career, Otis is able to help those vets who are the hardest to place, the junior enlisted personnel who enter the military straight from high school. More of these young men and women are entering the workforce than officers with college degrees. But, trained to construct everything from homes to airstrips, many are a particularly good fit for SolarCity installation and warehouse jobs. In fact, we were even hiring such vets during the recession when the construction industry had basically come to a standstill and we were expanding our operations to 15 states.

“It’s very exciting,” says Otis. “Finally, I can tell the junior enlisted folks that we have a job for them. This is a huge need and we can fulfill it.”