3rd Annual National Drive Electric Week

CBS “60 Minutes” Covers Third Annual National Drive Electric Week
(Formerly National Plug In Day)

Nearly 100 Cities Celebrate Benefits of Electric Vehicles

With a “60 Minutes” camera rolling, the third annual National Drive Electric Week (formerly National Plug In Day) once again achieved its primary intent: to raise coast-to-coast awareness of the benefits of electric cars.

Sent by Lesley Stahl’s producer, “60 Minutes’ ” lens captured crowds, new EVs, charging stations and test-drives in the Southern California city of Long Beach, one of nearly 100 locations staging National Drive Electric Week events in September 2013. That number represents a 53.8 percent increase over last year’s NDEW, with participation by Mexico, Holland and Canada making the latest go-around an international celebration with an attendance of more than 35,000.

ZDS Communications president, Zan Dubin Scott, who founded National Drive Electric Week, launched and has organized the event each year with Plug In America, the Sierra Club, the Electric Auto Assn., and dozen of local organizers from Anchorage, AL to Seminole Heights, FL.

More than 190 media outlets carried news of Drive Electric Week 2013, and, in her role as the event’s public relations director, Dubin Scott arranged “60 Minutes’ ” coverage. The Long Beach footage is expected to be part of a broad piece about EVs slated to air in spring, 2014.

ZDS Communications also obtained national National Drive Electric Week 2013 coverage from, the Christian Science Monitor,Wired Magazine and other leading outlets.

The event’s social media exposure included 34,000 impressions through Instagram photos, 2,038 Facebook stories, and 2.1 million Twitter posts through content generated by almost 250 users including Nissan, Tesla Motors, Sierra Club, Brammo Motorcycles and Chevy Volt.

California Gov. Jerry Brown, with more than one million Twitter followers, was among those to tweet. He also chose Drive Electric Week to sign six bills that Plug In America worked hard to champion, including the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Access Act, and legislation to renew both the white and green sticker program which allows EVs to drive in HOV lanes. (For the remaining bills, click here).

The market impact of National Drive Electric Week peaked with Nissan’s report that September 2013 marked a record month of sales for the LEAF. Spokespeople for the California electric vehicle rebate program noted that rebate requests hit a record immediately after the event.